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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Life brings up old fears

This is so prevalent.  As soon as I felt solid confidence a couple things happened to blow it up ... for a moment.  Changing careers is not exactly easy, but this is not totally new.

A glance. A moment of silence.  A quizzical look or blank stare as i explained to close friends how my decision to become a health coach just makes total sense.  I told them that long before I became a technical writer, I was totally engrossed in healing arts, healthy living, and all things health and fitness. And now, I have a way to pull it all together and build the lifestyle I really want.

As a health coach and a health writer, I can make a difference by helping others, sharing what I know, and serving to build a healthier planet.  It's not about fanaticism. It's not about a diet. It's about customized programs helping us baby boomers find ways to feel great as we age.  Too many people are suffering, whether quietly or not.

Too many people are complaining that they feel like crap because they are just getting older.  My self doubt  turns to rational reason and super confidence when I realize how many people are buying that load of malarkey!  When I hear a 40 or 50 something whine about old age, I chuckle in amazement.  Usually, it's their own choices that got them there.

Well, I'm here to help where I can, when I can.

I am not trying to be a Harvard Graduated Medical doctor. In fact, in the last 3 years, I'm the one that found answers the MD's had no clue about.   Then again, I'm armed with knowledge, experience and recent research.  And a hell of a lot of common sense and intuition.

My husband's been sick for 8 years of our 8 year marriage. I've been quietly begging him to eat differently, exercise, and get enough sleep.  FINALLY -- something caused him to jump in with both feet.
I didn't like that his doctor put him on meds all the time, but never cross checked symptoms with the meds.
When he told us that my spouse might need a pacemaker because his blood pressure could be dropping too low,  I connected the dots.

I said: "Doctor, can I ask you a question?" and he nodded.  I asked: "Doctor, if his blood pressure dropping too low causes his near passing out state, wouldn't taking him off high blood pressure meds make sense?"  Can I say: DUH?  From the day he'd been put on HBP meds, he'd been complaining of nausea and cramping and wooziness.  Not one, but 4 gastroenterologists, a sleep doctor, an ENT and 2 general practitioners didn't make this connection.

My holistic approach to healthy living is the same holistic approach I use in project management and customer relationship management.  The high level view and strategy must drill down to details -- and intuitively, I can connect dots.

I solved nagging problems with my feet much in the same way. New orthotics fixed one foot, but damaged the other.  Nearly a $1000 later, the doctor still hadn't fixed the problem and I was tired of pain.  I tossed out the orthotics, and that healed the left foot. I noticed my foot was at a funny angle when I slept with a knee pillow.  Toss the knee pillow, feet are level against each other, and there is no more pain.

My health coaching practice not only teaches healthful choices, but advocates the power of listening to your own body.  Not your head and your old thinking.  Just tune in, ask your body what it needs.

:) Fears emerge, but I'm staring them down today.

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