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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It started with the Gravity Bar

Anyone remember this funky metallic food stop on Capital Hill? Or the even smaller bar near the Pike Place Market?

I sure do. It was a revolution against fast food. It was the coolest, funkiest food bar ever.  The groan of juice extractors and pulverizers permeated the barren decor. Espresso shots were served with the freshest sandwiches, salads or desserts.

Fresh juices were the coolest thing. They went beyond!  It was with great joy that the Gravity Bar insisted on freshness.  100% of the menu items were created fresh to order so that every vitamin, mineral, and enzyme was retained in the food.

Just imagine: You walk in to this stark funky light restaurant filled with small tables rising from metal legs. All the chairs are really metal bar stools. The place hums, buzzes and groans.  As you sit to order an espresso you realize this place is just different!

The menu includes categories you've never seen the likes.  Sure there's your normal Espresso, but back in the 80's, Espresso drinks were completely uncommon.  Fruit Juice came from a bottle or a can. And no one drank vegetable juices unless it was a V8, again from a can. This place was different.

Perhaps its an idea whose time has returned with a vengeance.  Farm Fresh? Organic? Buy Local? Raw Foods?  Reboot Your Life?  This is not new to me, but after 10 years of challenging situations, I'd fallen off this path. For me, it's like coming home!

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