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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Energy of Foods

Hi friends,

I read something that just fascinated me last night. The 'Energy of Food' takes the concept of You Are What You Eat to a whole new dimension. The author talked about how people started to resemble the nature of the foods they eat. This goes so far beyond anything I've read. It makes sense though.

If this is true, then it also goes beyond what my Yoga master always said. Aadil was dead set against eating any animal. He never gave reason other than non violence. I ate zero red meat for some 25 years. I wanted a lower fat protein source. In addition, my thinking was that the adrenaline that went into the animal's blood stream as they died could not be good for me.

For all those years, I ate primarily white protein and produce with a minimal amount of carbs. Then I met and married a gourmet chef and everything changed. Over a 10 year period, I slowly packed on some 20 pounds. Part due to the stress of caregiving for chronically ill loved ones, part due to things outside my control, and mainly due to enjoying some wonderfully prepared foods both at home and at restaurants.

Finally, I had enough. I started cutting out sugar and bread, then desserts. But the foods I added and how I changed my lifestyle is what makes the bigger difference. As I sat with dear friends for lunch yesterday, I noticed that I just didn't want these things. They had sandwiches -- I wanted salad. They had wine -- I ordered tea. They wanted desert -- I was happy with one spoonful of my husband's. We've been juicing. We've been eating primarily produce for the past 3 months. I've lost 20 pounds in 3 - 4 months, but the thing is, I FEEL GREAT. The foods I cut out just don't appeal to me. They don't taste right.

Reading this concept about the Energy of Foods makes me ponder. The author says:
Rooty vegetables grown underground keep you emotionally grounded, lower your anxiety or lower keyed.
Foods that grow at the ground level, like squash, can help you stay centered.
And my favorite, foods that reach upward towards the sun and contain a lot of chlorophyll give you a lift. (make you happier) And he continues to say that he observed people seem to take on the physical nature of the foods they ate. People who eat a lot of beef and dairy start to look like cows? Well as funny as it sounds, it just may be true. Look at the obesity rate in the United States. All I know is I tend to feel a heck of a lot lighter with out beef or dairy. And I always lose weight.

I am so excited about this health coaching program. Here's why: The teaching resonates with everything i've experienced or practiced since a chile. It fits with the teachings from my parents and my grandmother. My Mom's mother was a health fanatic, so she said.

Anyway...I'm happy to talk with any of you about your health concerns. I'm looking for people who want to feel better, want to put the time into it, and are serious about it. I'll help those who really want help. There is no overnight success. There is only change.

The program is designed to lead individuals to explore what works best for them. We will go through every diet on the planet -- learn all about them, and never tell anyone that they can only eat one way. That's just ridiculous.

So my clients will never be told they have to eat only one way.

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